All Access Playground

About the Park
The Rotary Club of Temple South Accessible Playground is Temple’s first fully-accessible playground. The playground is located in Lions Park and is designed to serve children of all ages who have mental or physical disabilities. This progressive new playground has been made possible by the generous donations of several local groups and service organizations.

The major components of the playground include: three large interconnected decks with play events attached, swings, a whirl, a see-saw, an elevated sandbox, a freestanding hammock, a race car spring rider, and several other play events all designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind. The playground also features a combination of engineered wood fiber and recycled, poured-in-place surfacing for accessibility and fall protection.

Picket Pals
For every $25 donated to "Pickets Pals" a personal or business name will be engraved on a fence picket (limit 15 characters). The funds that you donate will be used for materials and labor to build a privacy fence around the Rotary South All Access Playground. The donation is tax deductible and will be honored with a lasting recognition for many years to come.
Picket Order Form (PDF)

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