• Each group/individual must fill out 1 Adopt-A-Park partnership form.
  • Each participant needs to fill out and return a release form before the workday date.
  • Each group needs 1 contact person.
  • Each group/individual should volunteer in the park at least 3 days out of the year.
  • The first workday will need to be scheduled with an Adopt-A-Park staff.
  • Volunteer hours need to be tracked and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Administration Office.

How to Adopt a ParkAn Adopt-A-Park partnership form (PDF) must be completed for each group, and a participant release form (PDF) must be signed by each potential participant.

These forms will also be available at the Parks and Recreation Administration Office or can be emailed to you.

The first cleanup date will need to be scheduled with an Adopt-A-Park staff. A staff member will give a brief orientation to the group/individual on the first workday.

You will need to know before you fill out your partnership:
  • A contact person for the group. This person is responsible for coordinating with the Adopt-A-Park staff the first workday date and reporting any issues to the park staff
  • Three tentative dates in the year that you wish to work in a park (minimum). Please keep track of all hours worked by the group individuals. Tracked hours must be sent into volunteer coordinator below. 
  • What park you would like to adopt. The parks available for adoption will be posted on the Parks and Recreation website or call 254-298-5690.
Ongoing Adoptions
?€‹Please make sure to maintain your hours with the volunteer hour log and submit them to Volunteer Coordinator Susanna Mendez ( Please call 254-298-5563 with any Adopt A Park questions you may have.  

The partnership form, participant release, and volunteer hour forms may be dropped off at the Parks and Recreation Administration Office, faxed at 254-298-5541, or mailed to:

City of Temple
Parks and Recreation
1701 N. General Bruce Drive
Temple, TX 76504

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