Bloomin' Temple Festival

In the spirit of growth and innovation, 2025 will include expanding our special events and introducing a brand-new, iconic event in Temple!
After careful consideration and great enthusiasm, we've decided to bid farewell to the beloved Bloomin' Temple Festival. This isn't the end, but rather a transformation. In Spring 2025, we will bring an all-new festival “Petals & Pints" – an event designed to capture the essence of our vibrant community and provide unforgettable experiences.

We express our deepest gratitude for the incredible support, active participation, and cherished memories created during Bloomin' Temple. Your enthusiasm has fueled the city's event scene, and we're excited to build upon that foundation with Petals & Pints and other future events.
We look forward to creating even more memories with our community!

Please continue to follow us for more information and updates!
2020 Bloomin Temple Logo

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