Railroad Archival Materials

Overview of the types of  materials related to railroad history in the Springer Archives at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum

Annual Reports Financial report, history, products shipped, equipment in service, etc. 1896-1995  
Bridge Lists Bridge Number (old and new) length, year erected, description, etc. System
Building Records Identifies structures (depots, section houses, stock pens, etc.) – Size, construction material, date erected, mile post, etc. System
Circulars Rule changes, promotions, station name changes, etc. System
CLIC Books Car Location Inventory Control – Shows track, industry, etc. System
Drawings-Mech. and Engin. Drawings of motive power, rolling stock and structures. Systems
Foreign Railroads Photographs, ephemera, station plats, mechanical records, etc.  
Ephemera Brochures, advertisements and booklets promoting over 400 different railroads (U.S. and foreign countries). System
Folios Diagrams and specification of rolling stock and motive power.  
Fuel Oil Facilities Station layouts showing locations of structures, oil tanks, piping diagrams, structure drawings, etc. System
Industry & Joint Track Records Plats/drawings identifying structures, industry, track ownership and who maintains it. Eastern and Gulf
Joint Facility Records Plats/drawings showing track and structures jointly owned, contract, etc. Gulf, Eastern
Junction Records Drawings showing junctions/connecting lines, track, depots, etc. System
Live Lists Rolling Stock – Identifies number, renumber, class, series, cost, date built, date retired, etc.  
Locomotive Assignments Identifies where locos were assigned by division 1932-1934, 1936, 1944-1963 System
Locomotive Service Reports Identifies where locos were employed (town), if it was shopped, class of repairs, date transferred, etc. 1936-1964 (not every division is complete VERY DETAILED) System
Locomotive Service & Data Reports Identifies where locomotives were employed, class, year acquired, inspection date, where the locomotive were serviced, etc. 1964-1970 System
Manuals/Instructions Steam and Diesel Locomotives and rolling stock.  
Official Lists (Form 598) Official List of Officers, Stations, Agents, Station Numbers, Etc. – Identifies Who’s Who, station names, stock yards, track scales, track connections, etc. 1890-1987 System
Painting and Lettering Painting and lettering of motive power, rolling stock and structures.  
Photographs Approx. 125,000+ images (photographs, negatives, slides) of structures, motive power, rolling stock, employees, valuation, etc. System
Records-Mechanical Records related to the purchasing, modification, assignment, etc. of motive power and rolling stock. System
Rule Books Steam and Diesel Locomotives, Operating Department, etc. System
Santa Fe Depot Collection Records and drawings documenting changes to structures, track, etc. Southern
Santa Fe Magazine Employee Magazine System
Seniority Lists Employee Records – Seniority of Engineers and Firemen (name, date promoted and home terminal) 1909-1972 Gulf
Signal Facility/Appliance Recds. Layout of track and locations of signals and interlockers, etc. Gulf
Splinters History of the ATSF compiled by Joseph Weidel 1940, Vol 1-34 and Supplements System
Standards Drawings-Structures (buildings, bridges, etc.), track, lettering, etc.  
Station Layout Drawings showing track (length and number of cars), depots, stock yards, industry, connecting lines, etc. Rev.1958 Plains
Station Plats and R-O-W Maps Shows R-O-W, layout of town, structures, businesses/industry, stock yards, etc. System
Texas Railroad Commission Col. History of railroads operating in TX (history, mergers, etc.)  
Timetables Public and Employee – Identifies stations, crossings, named trains, rules, etc. System
Track Charts Track Diagrams – Identifies structures (depots, round house, etc.), creeks, bridges, signals, crossings, grade etc. System
Water Service Records Layout of underground piping servicing shops and assorted buildings, water tanks, layout of yards, types of soil, etc. System

Additional Railroad Resources:
-Official Guides
-Official Railway Equipment Registers
-Car Builder’s Cyclopedias
-Operating Bulletins
-Locomotive Cyclopedias
-BLE and BLF publications 1867-1960s

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