Railroad Archival Collections

Fred M. and Dale M. Springer Archives
Master List of Railroad Archival Collections

  • Barker Collection (TRRHM) – First Division National Railroad Adjustment Board, Vol. 1 – 168.
  • Beeder Collection (SFRHMS) – H. Beeder served as the Chief Engineer for the ATSF from 1958-1970. Engineering records, photographs and slides.
  • Brasher Collection (TRRHM) – ATSF steam locomotive photographs and mechanical records.
  • Childers, W.W. Collection (TRRHM) – ATSF engineering drawings, 10,000 aperture cards (stations plats, maps, etc.), building records and assorted documents. Most of the records are related to the Gulf Lines.
  • Crump/Priest Collection (SFRHMS) – ATSF history, building and construction records, track charts, CLIC books, valuation negatives, photos, station plats and engineering drawings.
  • Dawson Collection (TRRHM) – The histories of railroads operating in Texas.
  • Durrenberger Collection (TRRHM) – Photographs and history of railroads that operated in the U.S.
  • Ellington Collection (SFRHMS) – ATSF photographs, engineering drawings and records.
  • Fair Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad books, corporate ephemera, timetables, passes and photographs.  Many of the records and photos relate to the MP and CRIP. (Author of The Louisiana & Arkansas Railway, The North Arkansas Line)
  • Hale Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad photographs, slides, negatives, books, equipment diagrams, engineering drawings, annual reports, folios, Official Guides, assorted records (ATSF, MKT, SLSF, SLSW, SP, UP, etc.)
  • Heit Collection (SFRHMS) – ATSF engineering drawings of rolling stock and ice plant records.
  • Houston Public Library Collection (TRRHM) – Engineering drawings, R-O-W and station plats of (ANW, CRIG, FWDC, FWNO, GHN, GHSA, HTC, IGN, NYTM, SAAP, SP, TNO…) in Texas.
  • King Collection (TRRHM) – This is one of the most extensive collections of electric railways and street car materials in the country and contains books, the Street/Electric Railway Journal (1885-1942) and over 50,000 photographs, negatives and slides.
  • Krave Collection (TRRHM) – ATSF engineering drawings of steam locomotive parts.
  • Lehnis Collection (TRRHM) – ATSF photographs, timetables, corporate ephemera, building records, maps, and the Official List of Officers, Stations, Agents, Station Numbers, Etc. (Form 598), 1890 No.1 -1980s.
  • McCall Collection (TRRHM/SFRHMS) – ATSF photographs, mechanical and engineering records.
  • McKay Collection (TRRHM) – Brotherhood (Unions) related periodicals 1867-1960s.
  • Miller Collection (TRRHM/SFRHMS) – ATSF photographs and assorted records.
  • Pounds Collection (TRRHM) – The most complete collections of Santa Fe employee timetables in the country. Histories of the ATSF and GCSF, depot and locomotive photographs, and standard plans.
  • Santa Fe Depot Collection (TRRHM) – ATSF Southern Division engineering drawings and other related documents 1911 and 1979.
  • Texas Railroad Commission Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad history in Texas.
  • Scholz Collection (SFRHMS) – ATSF mechanical and engineering records circa 1870-1990s, locomotive assignments and service reports, photographs, folios and Santa Fe Magazines (bound).
  • Springer Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad photographs, timetables, passes, corporate ephemera, and over 2,000 railroad books.
  • Stagner Collection (SFRHMS) – ATSF photographs and mechanical records.
  • Thompson Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad books, corporate ephemera, timetables, slides, photographs (ATSF, MKT, TP, etc.), HTC and GHH valuation photos.
  • Werner Collection (TRRHM) – Railroad engineering drawings (right-of-way and station plats), representing over 45 different railroad companies in Texas (ATSF, ANW, GHH, GHSA, HTC, IGN, MKT, etc.).

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