Complimentary Classes

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Ready to sweat like you’ve never sweat before? Grab your friends for a party! This weight lifting class uses free-weights, resistance bands, fitness balls and more along with great music to get you through an hour of head-to–toe muscle work. Cardio Intervals are injected between strength sets. Every class is different and all levels are welcome. Mats are encouraged.

Class Times
  • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM 

Hatha Yoga

Tone your body, organize your mind and crush the stress in your life with Hatha yoga. Dynamic yoga practices cultivate presence by connecting movement with breath. It aids in building confidence and assists you in staying present and centered. All levels are welcomed. Mats are encouraged. 

Class Times
  • Monday & Wednesday 11:00AM

Vinyasa Yoga
Linking the movement of the body to the breath, this class leads you through a flowing practice of postures promoting strength and flexibility with current, upbeat music. Welcome to all levels, modifications and challenges are offered throughout. Find a great workout in the midst of mental tranquility. Mats are encouraged.

Class Times
  • Tuesday 7:00AM
  • Wednesday 6:00PM

PilatesThe central aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body. Pilates was developed to focus on complete muscle fitness focusing on the core muscle group. It is “doable” for everyone of any age is a great way to develop flexibility and strength. It only requires a mat and willingness to try. Mats are encouraged.  

Class Times
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8AM


Different than a long aerobic based indoor cycling class, SPIN HIIT & HILLS focuses on high intensity bursts of maximum efforts, strength building climbs, and minimal recoveries built in. This is not a “pace yourself” class – it is 30 minutes of continuous work intended to push you out of your comfort zone. For beginners and seasoned riders alike, this class will maximize your calorie burn in a shorter period of time and help seasoned cyclists improve strength and endurance for outdoor riding. Set to fun music to keep you motivated, and with brand new Spinning bikes to track your progress, you’ll be amazed how powerful you feel after every class!

Class Times
  • TBD - Demo week October 25-29

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