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"Incredibly hospitable staff, excellent management, clean, and they have everything I need. I will happily keep going. Thanks City of Temple!!!!" -Allen R

"My husband and I usually are at the door when it opens. We LOVE the space, environment, equipment, and friendly staff." -Cheryl C.

"Is the best family fitness center I've been to. Been going there for 2 years now and my son and I love it! Cardio step class is amazing because the instructor is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. They also have tennis courts, basketball ball courts, swimming pool, sauna and a hot tub!" -Ana M.

"As a new member I love this fitness center. The Summit staff is very professional and helpful, the facility is clean and offers a large number of different options for whatever you are seeking to stay healthy or just improve your health. I strongly recommend this fitness center." -Charlene C

"The remodel is great and I feel so much better after my morning workouts!" -Siobhan D

"To most it would seem small but it has everything possible a gym can have and more....Swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, racquet ball court, several exercises class and a lot of the up-to-date exercise equipment. It's everything you need to help you live the healthy life you are striving for. Heck, they even have a daycare. What else can you ask for? But I would have to say my favorite spot is the Jacuzzi and Sauna! It's what my sore muscles need after a good old workout! Also it's near my home, thank goodness! I don't think I would go as often as I do if it wasn't near my home because of my busy schedule. Thanks Summit for the great environment you provide and the care you put into it." -J. B.

"It has everything I need all wrapped up in one place!!" -Shelley F

"I loved it, great staff and members they were very welcoming I'm even getting my kids involved in the programs that they offer. I would definitely recommend friends and family to give it a try." -Christina V

"I love the Summit! Best place to workout and do classes." -Rose M

"The only place in town I could find that has racquetball courts! :D " -Donnie W

"I love the variety of activities that they offer. I never feel judged here and the locker rooms are some of the nicest/cleanest I've seen in Temple!" -Kayla L

"Great place, it's never too crowded so you can workout without having to wait for machines to open up. Great staff as well. All around great environment!" -Azor M

"I've gone here off and on for 10 years and it's still my favorite gym. No fanfare or egos just people of all ages that love to stay in shape. The Summit is a great place to go!" -Collin T

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