Rental Information

Park RentalsThe Park is available for rentals on Fridays 7-9pm and Saturdays or Sundays 7-10pm when the waterpark is open.


  • $550 for Fridays and $650 for Saturday or Sunday
  • Rentals can include up to 625 people
  • Call for 2021 bookings.

Pavilion RentalsThe pavilion is available for rentals in 2 hour blocks with a 4 hour block maximum

Pavilion Rental Time Blocks     Monday - Saturday: 11am-1pm, 1:30-3:30, 4-6pm
Sunday: 12-2, 2:30-4:30pm

Cost (Below prices are for a 2 hour block)$40 Monday - Friday
$50 Saturday - Sunday

The Picnic pavilion has 4 picnic tables and will hold up to 30 people

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